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The Govardhan Shila given to Srila Raghunath dasa Goswami by Lord Chaitanya

Here's the best photo I could take with a 300mm lens (Pujarji wouldn't let me get closer) of Narayana (high asana) and Varahadeva (low asana) from the Sri Caitanya Sarasvat Math in Nabadwip. Varahadeva is a principle deity there and is very unique. He must be fed sweet-rice every single day or he creates all kinds of disturbances. He was donated to Srila Sridhara Maharaja by one family who couldn't handle His transcendental anger. They gave Him saying, "We think that only you are fit to worship Him."

photo by Param Seva dasa

These deities and silas are from Brahmanda Ghat in Vrindabana, where Krishna showed Mother Yasoda His universal form.

Govardhan parikrama
pictures by HH Bhaktisiddhanta swami 2003

on the path between Shyama kund and Radha kunda

more about this place

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Giriraj near Udhava kunda

Giriraj maharaj Crown of Vraj

courtyard of Udhava kunda

Kamadhenu kunda

Krishna and Balaram's eating plates at Bhojan Thali, Kamyavan

Krishna and Balaram's eating plates at Bhojan Thali, Kamyavan

Lord Krishna's footprint @ Kaamyavan
When the rocks touched Lord Krishna's feet, they would melt in love!

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