Agni dasa - SDG - Trinidad
last updated 20th June 2006

Sri Radha Gopinath Thakur Salagram

    Some time ago Agni prabhu expressed his desire to worship the Salagram and about a year ago (2005) it nearly happened. His friend Santa Vigraha prabhu was in Mayapur along with Rupa Goswami prabhu who were asking Bhaktisiddhanta Swami if a Salagram coming Agni's way was possible. The Lord made one of His little tests and Agni prabhu was asked "Do you have the blessings of your spiritual master to worship the Salagram?" After some time the positive response was received from his spiritual master and plans were put into being. As usual the Lord had His own plan and time schedule and out of the blue this beautiful Salagram of Sri Radha Gopinath Thakur was gifted by Mother Neeta Sharma of with the help of Rupa Goswami prabhu there in Trinidad.
    I happen to know that Agni  prabhu is very attached to Radha Gopinath and asked prior to the arrival of the Salagram, and without seeing Him if it was okay to name Him that. May you serve Him well, may He serve you well. yhs, JTCd

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