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Page One

My Sri Sri Radha Madhava Deities with Govardhana silas and Saligrama silas

On the photo is my Sudarsana yantra, then from behind left to right:
Varaha, Sudarsana, Yoga Nrisimha, Jvala Nrisimha.

Then in fron form left to right: Balarama, Nrisimha Sudarsana, Rama, Ananta
and Parasurama.


Jvala Nrisimha

Govardhana close up:
My pradhana sila is Govardhana ji

Dwaraka sila close-up


It was my desire to worship to worship the sila's since I came joined and have seen the silas at the NJNK- Germany.  It was in the year 1999 that I had a heavy jaundice and was 10 days at intense care and 2 months in bed.

One night I woke up and have seen a saligrama sila smiling in the air. I remmembered my desire and right after I recovered I wrote to my Gurumaharaja about this and I expected that he would answer negatively. He was quite positive about this issue. So, I wanted to go to Gandaki, but  Gurumaharaja adviced me to wait seeing my weak condition. I had to go back to Slovenia and was helping as pujari, still recovering from the sickness I was doing everyday manasa puja of saligram and prayed that he may come to me. So, one day before Tulasi Saligrama vivaha one devotee came and he said that if I want he has one saligrama sila to give away. He brought this sila for the Tulasi Saligrama vivaha and after the festival I could have this sila. I was very happy about the mercy of the Lord. At the end of the festival the same devotee told me that he has one more Saligrama sila to give away and if I like he can bring the Lord tommorow after the Mangala Arati. So, I had to Saligrama's and I wanted to have at least 3. When one devotee went to Zurich to get a Saligrama for him I went with him. They told me that I could take some Saligrama's. I found 10 and one Dvaraka sila I liked very much, so I couldn't decide which one to take. The devotee asked me which one I would like to have. And I answered all this 12. He was not sure if the Head Pujari would aggree, so he phoned up and Krsna was merciful. I went back with 12 silas and 1 Dvaraka sila. I went to India in February 2000. I Vrindavana 2 Govardhana sila came to me and a fixed up Vrajavasi told me that I should cook nice food and take them with me. So, I wanted to have a Sudarsana and Nrisimha sila and when I have met a devotee going to Gandaki I have asked him to bring me some sila's especially this two. He said that he would also like to have Nrisimha saligrama sila and so if he would find more he would give to me.

I went to Mayapur and after two weeks the devotee returned on the Nrisimha Caturdasi with 26 Saligrama silas on Nrisimha Caturdasi! There was on Govardhana Gopal, Sudarsana, Rama, Dhanvantari and many Ananta silas. He had some more and said I should check with Bimal Prasada Pr. and some if there is a Nrisimhadeva, then I should return it to him. We could find a Nrisimhadeva so I could keep all of them. Misteriously after 4 months worship on the Balarama Jayanti I was holding two silas and I could see a red eye on one and slight mark of teeth a face between Varaha and Nrisimha. And on the other one I also could see that this one is also a Nrisimhadeva. I was wondering how Krsna hid Himself so I could worship Him. The one I named Varaha Nrisimha and the other one I gave the name Jvala Nrisimha and started to worship Them along with the Sudarsana sila.

One more strange thing happened when I had my Govardhana Brahmotsava Festival and cooked many preparations and have perfomed a elaborate abhiseka after I cleaned everything and have eaten the mahaprasada then a devotee came back from Vrindavana. He had brought some parephernalia for me I asked for and a big Govardhana sila. So, I went to cut some fruits and perfomed a simple milk abhiseka for Him. I was thinking how Krsna is able to do such mysterious things. It strenghtened my faith that Krsna is reciprocating with his devotees very mercifully. I thanked Him that he showed me this mercy althrough I was not qualified at all.

I just pray to Krsna to never leave me and always be merciful to me.


Srimati Ganga Devi

Srimati Purnamasi Devi and Srimati Vrinda Devi

Srimati Yamuna Devi

Panchmukha Hanuman
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