Daru Krishna dasa
Alachua, FL, USA; Lima, Peru; and India
last updated 16th September 2007

Here's a picture of my Silas.  Giriraja Maharaja, Narayan Sila, whom I worship as Radha Ramanji, Ananta, Hiranyagarbha, Sudarshana Chakra, Kurma, and Dwarka Sila (I found Narayan, Ananta and Kurma at the Gandaki in 1994 ,where I went with my friends Vasudeva Parayana, Dharmananda and Candramuki dd. Hiranyagarbha (the smallest sila) was given to me by Kurma Rupa P. in Vrindavan in 1993, and Sudarshan Chakra by Chaturatma P. in Alachua, in 2006.

On the right, in a different asana, I have a Seshashayi Sila, which was found by my daughter Kalindi when we were at Hrisikesh in 1996, and has the face of Lord Nrisimhadeva. I showed him to Srila Bhakti Pramod Puri Maharaja, and he confirmed that it was a Salagram Sila and gave him that name. Although "technically" it is a Seshashayi Sila, he said that it can be worshiped as Nrisimhadeva.

Seshashayi Sila, with His face resembling Nrisimhadeva.

These Silas are always with me, so they spend time in Alachua - Florida, Lima Peru and India.

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