Gaura Nama dasa - JPS - Mayapur, India
last updated 12th July 2009

Hare Krishna

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Gaura-nrsimha was given to me by His Holiness Bhakti Siddhanta Maharaja
last Goverdhana Puja day. Below are some inspirational verses and the Dhyana Meditation I use in Puja.

Inspirantional verses on Gaura-nrsimha from Chaitanya Charitamrta and Chaitanya Bhagavata:

(the verses below are in Balaram Font, if you don't have then download it HERE)

Cc. Adi 3.30-31

caitanya-siàhera navadvépe avatära
siàha-gréva, siàha-vérya, siàhera huìkära

Thus the lionlike Lord Caitanya has appeared in Navadvépa. He has the
shoulders of a lion, the powers of a lion, and the loud voice of a lion.

sei siàha vasuk jévera hådaya-kandare
kalmaña-dvirada näçe yäìhära huìkäre

May that lion be seated in the core of the heart of every living being.
Thus with His resounding roar may He drive away one’s elephantine vices.

CB Adi-khandha 119

madhya-khaëòe, vidita hailä gaura-siàha
cinilena yata saba caraëera bhåìga

In the Madhya-khanda the lionlike Lord Gauräìga reveals Himself so that the
devotees, who are like bees at His lotus feet, are able to recognize Him.

Gauran-nrsimha Dhyana (Chand Kazi's darshana) Cc. Adi 17.178-186

The Kazi said, “When I went to the Hindu’s house, broke the drum and
forbade the performance of congregational chanting, in my dreams that very
night I saw a greatly fearful lion, roaring very loudly, His body like a
human being’s and His face like a lion’s.

“While I was asleep, the lion jumped on my chest, laughing fiercely and
gnashing His teeth.

“Placing its nails on my chest, the lion said in a grave voice, ‘I shall
immediately bifurcate your chest as you broke the mådaìga drum!

"You have forbidden the performance of My congregational chanting.
Therefore I must destroy you!’ Being very much afraid of Him, I closed my
eyes and trembled.

“Seeing me so afraid, the lion said, ‘I have defeated you just to teach you
a lesson, but I must be merciful to you.

“On that day you did not create a very great disturbance. Therefore I have
excused you and not taken your life.

“But if you perform such activities again, I shall not be tolerant. At that
time I shall kill you, your entire family and all the meat-eaters.’

“After saying this, the lion left, but I was very much afraid of Him. Just
see the marks of His nails on my heart!”

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