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Sri Vasudev Salagram sila and the pure white Lakshmi conch - Valampuri Dakshinvarti

Sri Vasudev shila

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Sri Vasudev Shaligram and Srimati Laxmi Shank, Valampuri Shank.

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Dandavat. This is Hrsikesananda. I'm on the Web at

Beyond what Sri Padmanabha Goswami, Sri Radha-ramana Temple, Vrindavan has written, I have nothing to add. But the Shila with me since 1975 used to insist on many years of elaborate puja from Archan Paddati with all mudras, etc.   But now HE is happy with just some fruit & water, (Tulasi) leaf, (Ganga) jala snana, scented oil massage, scented flowers, dhoop, etc. followed by reading from Bhagavatam and Gita, pranams and choice vandana-stutis. I don't know who changed, Him or me? He is the best friend, even I am unworthy. Maybe BECAUSE I am fallen that He stays with me as a friend, He is Dina Bandhu. He is constantly answering my prayers, "akama-sarva-kamo va" He is to be worshipped by those full of material desires and also those who have no desire. He has saved me from bad karma many times.

In 1973 I was forced to *renounce renunciation* by Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj. I had already been a sannyasi in the Gaudiya Math for 6 years in Vrindavan 68-74. They (Iskcon) said I had been "stolen" from Srila Prabhupada by his Godbrother, Srila Bon Maharaj (all gross material nonsense), and a condition of my return to Prabhupada was return as a brahmachari.

Later, at my insistence Prabhupada gave me sannyas again, even though it was only for mundane purposes. Then I went barefoot to Nepal. The late great patron saint of Kathmandu, Hari Siddhi Kali Baba, personally "gave" me the shila. And it's external perfection is amazing. Perfect 1" egg shaped jet black heavy stone with an intricate double sided chakra intact and imbedded half way into the smooth stone. Where the chakra enters the bottom there is a "mouth"  This is NOT the kind of Shila to stick eyes on, etc. Another angle picture is attached. Either named Vamana Deva OR Vasudeva according to descriptions in shastra. The Chief Brahman Priest of Thailand has seen the shila many times, and he says, "Vasudev." I say, who cares!? All the names of Krishna are correct for my Shila, and you can also call Him Allah, whatever.

Later I got involved with a girl in Kathmandu and rest is history. In 1975 I wrote directly to HDG telling him of my down fall and Shila worship. In his personal reply to me (copy in Veda base) he said, --- "Worship Shalagram Shila nicely, husband and wife."  So somehow Sri Shalagramdev has stuck with me until even now and it is authorized directly by ACBSP.

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A different pic will be sent later. But please remind me...

Hare Krishna!!!


Sri Shalagram Sila is manifest externally as a water-tumbled stone; therefore Shalagram Silas may be said to be gems. The word "gem" is used for any fine quality stone, pearl or coral that is rare, attractive, portable, durable, valuable, and powerful; in the case of Shalagram Sila the ruling Deity is Lord Hari, also known as Sri Narayana Bhagavan.

Because a Shalagram Sila is ruled by Bhagavan, Who is greater than the sum total of ALL the universes (mahat-tattva), therefore the 'material' worth of a real Shalagram Sila is beyond calculation and impossible to measure. Buying/selling a Shalagram Sila is considered a sinful offense; receiving a gift of a genuine Shalagram Shila from a qualified Hari-bhakta is the only way to properly obtain such a priceless and spiritual (and material) treasure.

A normal fine quality planetary gem, like a ruby or pearl, needs only an initial invocation to begin ownership; but a Sri Shalagram Sila must be worshiped daily with certain paraphernalia such as Tulasi leaves, Ganga-jala, fruit and water, etc.  Puja is offered to Shalagram Sila according to the desire of Paramatman within the heart of the devotee. Sri Shalagram Sila ALWAYS controls his Own worship from within the heart of His sevak.

Attached is a color picture of the sadhu who gave me my Shalagram Sila. This photo was taken in 1975 when he was already over 100 years of age. When he was a child he was given in alms to wandering monks who brought him up as a bal-brahmachari. He lived over 90 years in the Himalayas performing tapasya. He passed away in Bhaktapur, Nepal in 1999.  His name was Sri Hari-siddhi Kali Baba.

Kali Baba was the most famous sadhu in Nepal before his demise. He was responsible for founding schools in Dhulikhel, Nepal, and he also organized three orthodox Srimad Bhagavatam Sapta Maha-Yajnas which were huge events in the Kingdom. Some people say he was a Shivite-sadhu; but I knew him well speaking in Hindi, and his name was "Hari-siddhi;" as for Lord Shiva, Kali Baba himself was Lord Shiva.

Hari-siddhi Kali Baba had a most amazing collection of Shalagram Silas in his "dhooni" (where a sadhu keeps the fire).  One Narasinga Shalagram was museum quality perfect and weighted about 20 kg, most of which was the huge chakra. The Shalagram he gave me (pictured above) is 1 inch in diameter with perfect chakra and shape, and he took that Shalagram from his friend in Pashupati Nath Mandira (who sold religious items) and told me It was better than any of the ones he had. It was-IS perfect. Kali Baba put the shila in a small bag and handed it to me, no charge. With Kali Baba there was NEVER any charge.

Because Sri Hari-siddhi Kali Baba personally gave me Lord Vishnu, in Shalagram Sila murti, therefore I am eternally indebted to His Holiness. I hope you will see his photo because he was most extra-ordinary.

More Pictures of Vasudev shila

Front View of VasudevSide on View of Vasudev

Below we can see Vasudev in His Original Form. As Lord Hari He is not "disguised" as a Shila, rather Salagram sila is His Svayam Prakash and needs no calling or installation, He is there. The example of Srila Gopal Bhatta Goswami and Sri Sri Radha Raman shows this clearly.

I have the above 1993 pics of my Salagramji attached for updating His page.

You can see front view and side view. Quite often people cover their Sila in flowers, chandan, etc., when taking photos or during or after the puja. Therefore it is impossible to relish the nectar of the Salagram as He is. Some people think Salagramji is naked stone and needs to be covered in devotion. But as you know Sri Salagramji is always fully dressed with Divinely self manifesting Alankaras (ornamentation).

Also attached is a one on Balanese painting of what my Salagram looks like as He IS. This painting has been with me as long as Salagramdev. This is just for those who for some reason missed the link between the two - They are One and the same.

As we are seeing from this site, this special form of the Lord, the Salagram Silas roam around the globe of Their Own free Will bestowing their Mercy upon us all.

13th December 2005

Dandavat!!! Vande gurun isha bhaktan!!!

As I promised attached are two pictures showing our genuine fabled Lakshmi Shank. One picture of the Shank alone, and another one-of-a-kind photo of Lakshmi Shank together with Sri Gandaki Vasudev Shalagram Shila. I have NEVER seen a picture of a genuine Lakshmi Shank with Shalagram Shila before, any where, ever. BUT, here it IS!!!

Conch Shells which spiral to the right are very rare and considered especially sacred, the right spiral mirroring the motion of the sun, moon, planets and stars across the sky. The Lakshmi Conch shell is known to be a sacred manifestation of Supreme Goddess Lakshmi, and is most effectively used to bath a genuine Gandaki vajra-kita Shalagram Shila (ammonite from Gandaki River in Nepal having chakra cut by Vajra-kita worms 140 million years ago). The TOP picture showing a genuine Lakshmi Conch with a genuine Shalagram Shila is one of a kind. VERY RARE PHOTO.  Note: It is believed that anyone who is full with desires, as well as anyone who has no desires, if they bath a genuine Shalagram Shila with a genuine Lakshmi Shank they will attain great wealth. We shall soon see.

Hare Krishna!!!


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