Kiranasa dasa - Iran & USA
last updated 31st May 2013

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Hare Krsna

pamho., agtsp.,

I was initiated by Kirtanananda because he was the only guru for Iran 20 years ago, but I left him about 15 years ago.
Now I am living in south of West Virginia, and have become American and bought a piece of land and built a small log cabin for myself. If you like you can see how I built my cabin by visiting my web site:

Okay, story begins about 15 years ago when I was pujari in New Vrndavan. I was pujari in the morning and night and during the day I was doing construction. So one evening that kirtanananda had a meeting with lots of devotees, he said to everyone that I was the nicest pujari that he has ever seen. So next day when I enter my room I saw a small yellow envelope on the table and when I opened it there was a small black stone in it. I asked many devotees if that was a Sila, but no one was sure about it because it didn't have any chakra on it. So I consider it Sila and start worshiping it for couple of months until I left New Vrndavan and went to NY temple for couple of months. There by temple president's permission I kept and worshipped my Sila in the guest room. So one day one old Indian swami came to that temple and stayed in that guest room and next day after I finished my puja he told me that this is not Sila, because it has no chakra. So I was disappointed and went to Caturatma prabhu that I just made friendship with him because of my Sila, and I told him what that swami said, and he said that it is not true and Silas could be without chakras, but I was not happy with that and I wanted a Sila with chakra that no one could complain about it. So Caturatma presented three Silas before me and asked me to choose one, and I choose my present Sila and gave him my old Sila, and since I am worshipping Him.


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