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updated 23rd December 2014


8th November 2003

...more pictures of Radha Govinda can be seen at the link below. Close up of Govinda the Salagram given by HH Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami is below.

HH Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami is the devotee who donated Sri Govinda Saligram to the NY Temple. In 1995, in Vrindavan, Ramabhadra Prabhu, NY ISKCON temple president mentioned to the Maharaj his desire to resume Saligram worship at Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, which was discontinued for almost 15 years, since the closure of the 55th Street Temple. Instantly upon hearing his statement, Maharaj gave him a Saligram sila which was under his care for some time. The Deity's worship was then established in Vrindavan, and now is continued in New York with great care and attention. from Govardhan puja 2002

Hare Krishna Jaya-Tirtha Charan Prabhu,

pamho. agtsp. is a picture of Govinda Saligram taken on Govardhan Puja.

Also, on the NY temple website, there is a gallery of photos from Govardhan
Puja 2003 with some nice pictures of a beautiful large Govardhan Shila who
is worshipped by Prema Kishor Dasa. This particular Saligram has a natural
feature of a mouth.



Web-sevak JTCd's note:
Now if you to be impressed you have to check out the bhakti that these devotees offered to Giriraj for Govardhan puja 2003

approximately 80 pictures in these galleries.

Here's a few samples just get you going......

Govinda Salagram on top of Govardhan

in front of the barrier

behind the barrier

Annakuta offering of food stuffs to Govardhan Sila

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