Sangita devi dasi ACBSP - Philadelphia USA
last updated 16th January 2012

Shalagrama shila...

Murali Krsna. He was given to me by my godbrother Maheswara das. A devotee then took Him to Mayapur and showed Him to Jananivas Prabhu who massaged Him with oils for a half an hour. He said three times, "Always keep Him with Tulasi devi." Then he looked in some books, etc. and said, "He is Pradyumna, the expansion of Lord Visnu." My husband, Vamanadeva Prabhu, had already named this Sila "Murali Krsna" and we were already worshiping HIm in the mood of Krsna, the cowherd boy. So...we are continuing to worship Him in that way as our beloved Murali Krsna.

the names for the govardhana shilas are...

Kanai-Dauji (Krsna Balarama).  Received Them in February, 2011 at ISKCON Palace at Govardhana.

Kanai-Dauji (Krsna Balarama) Govardhan Silas

Here are some other photos of when They were presented.. by the way the story of how Balarama appeared is nice too. Sangita mataji had me come with her and we all found Sri Krsna straight away but Sri Balarama never appeared so I said to her as i was looking into the big pile of Girirajas, "I can see someone white at the bottom" Without thinking about snakes or anything, I stuck my hand inside this pile of Silas and  pulled Him out and said "Here is Your Lord Balarama!".  He was there. It was emotional and everyone was  looking and agreed that it was indeed Lord Balarama. The markings on Krsna never go away. They are imprinted and when you wash they disappear for a few seconds and then appear again. Hence, He also is special. I was fortunate to be with all these wonderful devotees  on such an auspicious event and took part too!!

the names of the other Matajis are;- Manjari dasi, Karta dasi, Kanchambala dasi, Kaulini dasi, Kalpalatika dasi

 YHS lilavilasini dd


Girigovardhan's mercy ki jaya

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