Sri Sudevi dd - MG - Auckland

The above shilas were given to Sudevi by her daughter Rajasan dd, who received them from HH Vipramukhya Swami after his pilgrimage to the Kali Gandaki in March 2001.

The large sila on the left is Vasudeva Krishna - occasionally I have called him Jagannath as He has such a big smile like Jagannath, and is so meciful.  The cheerful looking one in the middle is still a bright face with no name - but a very positive and happy sila. The one on the right as we look always challenges me - the smile is on a long snakey mark and His eyebrows are very marked tho' not easy to see in this picture. I have given Him eyes on every surface and am still not even sure this is the final mood or sitting position. He is a mystery and so I am calling Him Acyuta. He often looks quite serious and occasionally fearful. I am not sure He is happy with His eyes tho', so any reflections and inspiration are welcome. They now have a new sitting place and are looking happier as They are closer together.
your servant
Sri Sudevi

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