The Functionary Role of Shilas
last updated 11th November 2005

This page is specifically to show the practical functionality how in a community the Shila form can be the centre of everyone's devotions through festivals, samskaras, specific pujas, etc., as well as the daily puja.

For calendar events you may like to visit our pages that tell of festivals, feasts, fasts and festoons HERE

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Madan Gopal's Giri-govardhan on top of Govardhan hill - North Carolina

Govardhan puja gobar hillock in Deity room at Melbourne temple 1989

Salagram on top of Sarvotbhadra mandala made in coloured rice in a large patra

JTCd's Varahadev on sarvotbhadra mandala on Varaha dwadasi in Melbourne in the 1980s

Mother Seva Priya's Lala Kanaiyaji on Govardhan hill in Mayapur 2005 on Diwali day night

here the devotees are offering candles to all the alters and on route they stop to offer to Lalaji also. The lights are off in the temple room.

Srila Prabhupada stops to take darshan of Govardhan hill in the Pancha tattwa temple in Mayapura 2005 on his palliquin. He has just been carried around the temple room on parikram 3 times and then he circumambulated Lalaji before he went to the pushpa samadhi for his Tirubhav disappearance festival. (in the background is the Panca Tattva altar) It was a very beautiful celebration and is always wonderful to hear from his diciples with their personal stories, some jokes and some instructions for us grand disciples.

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