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Giriraj-and-Varsana-nandini - August 2007

Varsana-nandini (right) was found to the left of Govinda kund in 1989, Trivikram prabhu expressed that he wanted a sila to accompany Giriraj.
In Vriti-cintamani of Vishvanath Chakravarthy Thakur he mentions that different coloured Silas on Govardhan hill represent differnt places, pastimes, and personalities in relation to the lila Krishna lifting Govardhan hill

left to right: Varaha, Kurma, Ananta-Dwarkaraj, Hayagreeva, Hamsaraj, Vishvakshena, Giri-Govardhan, Trivikrama, Vishnu-Laxmi-Ananta, Laxmi-Nrsimha, Gopal, Narayan, Ananta, Dhanvantari circa October 2004

Giriraj, Trivikram, Varaha, Hayagreeva and Kurma, Anantadev Dwaraka Sila in front.


Trivikram prabhu drying Giriraj during the puja


Giriraj was originally given to JTCd by Indradyumna Swami. Trivikram prabhu came round for darshan at JTCd's at a Sunday feast and they/we got talking. Tp related how he'd formerly worshipped Giriraj in Christchurch when serving at that temple and was often lamenting for that nectarean service. Due to present commitments in building his mud-brick house by hand, singlehandedly Tp related that he felt somewhat that he'd not be able to dedicate time to do the puja nicely. JTCd promised to keep Giriraj on his altar, but with the understanding that He was ear-marked to eventually go to Tp's place when the time was right. When HH Bhaktisiddhanta maharaj came through circa July 2001 there was much Shila katha, and those who had the bug where in the thick of it, Tp being one of them. Maharaj encouraged Tp to "cross the line", and with great enthusiasm Tp claimed His Istadeva that night after the program. Since that time Ameyatma prabhu upon his return from India first gave Lord Varahadev, and since the taking of this picture was inspired to give Lord Hayagriva and Lord Kurma, as was I when I just gave Anantasesa Dwarka shila (seen here on JTCD's pith) and Whose pictures will be coming shortly. (written by JTCd for Trivikram prabhu who didn't have a computer at that time)

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