......many new additions and stories of Their coming

Over the next short period of time, by the grace of the Lord we will get some better shots of the Lord. The plan is to have a roll over main picture so that as the cursor goes over a particular Shila the option to enlarge that individual will be there. Presently we don't have that facility, nor the quality pictures to do that nicely. Still making do with what we have and trying to share our enthusiasm for these extremely merciful and wonderful Shilas will have to do for now.

The Transcendental Line-up as of July 2002.

1/. Sri Chaitanya Nrisimha Bhagavan ki jaya (the Pradhan shila)
2/. Sri Vishvakshena ki jaya
3/. Sri Varaha Nrisimha Swami ki jaya
4/. Sri Panaka Nrsimha ki jaya
5/. Sri Pavana Nrisimha ki jaya
6/. Sri Vamandev ki jaya
7/. Sri Nivita Buddha ki jaya
8/. Sri Anantasan Parasuram ki jaya
9/. Sri Ananta Purushottama ki jaya
10/. Sri Anantashesha ki jaya
11/. Sri NrsimhaAnantashesha ki jaya
12/. Sri Sudharshan chakra ki jaya
13/. Sri (Maha-chakrine) Sarva-kaama-kurma ki jaya
14/. Sri Vanamali Krishna ki jaya
15/. Sri Madhav ki jaya
16/. Sri Dustara-ram ki jaya
17/. Sri Kodanda-rama-murthi ki jaya
18/. Sri Kurma rupa ki jaya
19/. Sri Gopal Krishna ki jaya
20/. Sri Hiranyagarbha ki jaya
21/. Sri Adhoksaja ki jaya
22/. Sri Dhanvantari ki jaya
23/. Sri Jagadande ki jaya
24/. Sri Jagan-nath ki jaya
25/. Sri Hamsa-raj ki jaya
26/. Sri Laxmi-Hayagriva ki jaya
27/. Sri Matsya avatar ki jaya
28/. Sri chotta Matsya ki jaya
29/. Sri Keshava ki jaya
30/. Sri Sri-dhari ki jaya
31/. Sri Harihara ki jaya
32/. Sri Damodara ki jaya
33/. Sri Sri Radha-Damodara ki jaya
34/. Sri Gopinath ki jaya
35/. Sri Sundara Gopal ki jaya
36/. Sri Bhaksitavan krishna ki jaya
37/. Sri Rupa-narayana ki jaya
38/. Sri Vasuki ki jaya
39/. Sri Kalki chatur-vimsati ki jaya
40/. Sri Punjab Vishnu ki jaya
41/. Sri Garuda-Vahan - Garudadhwaj ki jaya
42/. Sri Padma-nabha ki jaya
43/. Sri Chandra Narayana ki jaya
44/. Sri Vasudeva ki jaya
45/. Sri Brighupati-rupa - Parasuram ki jaya
46/. Sri Dasavatara ki jaya
47/. Sri Alpa-dvara Hari-murthy ki jaya
48/. Sri Vaastraapahari-Krishna-murthy ki jaya
49/. Sri Matsyavatar Dwarka Shila ki jaya
50/. Sri Giri Govardhan ki jaya
51/. &  54/. Sri Sri Kanhailal Balhai - Krishna Balaram Govardhan Shilas ki jaya
52/. Sri Vitthal Giri ki jaya

Sri Sriyuts Swayam Vyakta Shaligram Shilas ki jaya.

(The full story as it was taken from the Auckland FOLK news can be found on the Articles page.)

Though they are all equally wonderful, my favourite of all these is Sri Caitanya Nrsimha.  He was the first who came, He was given to me in Vrndavan in 1983 by one very nice man and his mother.  At that time I was the treasurer at our Vrindavan Krsna-Balarama Mandir, and was living at the Goshala.  There were many mothers there at that time with small children and also my wife was pregnant with our first child.  So with all this, someone volunteered for me (if you know what I mean) that I could look after a little temple at the goshala and everyone who couldn't make it to Mangala-arati at the Krsna-Balarama Mandir could come there.  Also apparently Srila Prabhupada wanted a small temple be there within the goshala, so the workers could also come and pay their obeisances before starting the early morning milking, etc.

At that time, one pujari extraordinare, Gaura Keshava Prabhu, was also living at the goshala, so after arranging the Mangalarati and chanting some rounds, I would go and watch him worship his Shalagramas.  The whole thing was amazing, and in Vrndavan, too.

Around this time one boy in Australia had asked me to have some traditional Sita-Rama-Laksman and Hanuman Deities made for him.  As usual, the Vrindavan mood was surcharged with thoughts of Krsna to the point where walking down back lanes or walking on the parikrama path, one was expecting to see Krsna and Balarama step around the corner at anytime,  sometimes I would look at the footprints in the soft parikrama sand checking to see if the foot markings were that of Krsna.  The nights of resting were no different - it was so satisfying just to be there.

Once, for a whole week, I had this dream coming to me of a Sudarshana Cakra Shalagram with beautiful golden spokes, and as it shone before me, excited, I would wake up.  Anyway, the next morning after one of these dreams, I had to pick up the finished Deities of Sita-Rama-Laksmana and Hanuman from my friend in the bazaar, on our meeting he asked me how everything was going.  The first thing I could think of was this dream, so I told him.  Immediately he responded, "Oh, I can give you a Shalagram if you want."  I said, "It's nice and I would like to, but it's a lifetime commitment, and once you start you can't stop, and besides, if I had a choice in the matter, I would only really like to worship Lord Nrsimhadeva."  Such was my mood in those days.  The conversation changed and he continued working on the final details around Lord Rama's eyes and Hanumana's mouth.  After an hour or so, he packed them in a box and we both started to walk down stairs from his roof-top.  As he took two or three steps down from the roof he stopped and turned to me on the stairs.  "Would you like a Shalagram?"  He prompted me.  "Yes", I replied, smiling and humbly nodding.  "Then come."  He took me to the altar.  There were about thirty or forty Shalagrams all in a line with Tulasi on and around Them.  "So which one would you like, anyone attract you?"  I answered, "This one here seems to stand out - my eyes keep returning to Him."

He then called his elderly mother, a widow in a clean white sari and Vaisnava tilak on her forehead.  She immediately purified her hands and then, picking Him up, plonked Him in my nervously eager right palm.  "Mathaji, do you have ...." "...some box? Yes." and out came a small square red box with a bed of cotton wool for the Lord to lay on. The man told me then that this Shalagram had been worshipped in their family of Gaudiya Vaisnavas for more than 250 years in Vrindavan, but now the Lord wanted to go and preach in the west.  (so He would have been there at the time of Srila Visvanatha Cakravati and Baladeva Vidyabhusana's time in Vrindavan).

Going back on the rickshaw, carefully holding my small red box, I immediately went to Gaura Keshava Prabhu, and asked him what he thought.  "Ah, Sudarshana".  Far-out I thought, the dreams and all, but I felt a little lacking.

That afternoon I was down in the bazaar and purchased all the necessary puja paraphernalia and began the puja the very next morning.  A couple of days, rather nights later, I was in my sleep when suddenly I felt threatened and fearful like I was being attacked by a ghost.  Then to my surprise I heard this deep stuti mantra:

tava kara kamalavare nakham adbhuta srngam......etc, and then coming toward me this strange sight.  It vaguely resembled my Shalagram, but He was different to how I saw him at my friend's house and how I had continued to worship Him.  He looked like a small cat's face with conch eyes, smiling face and tall crown.  Then He faded away.

The next morning I had a discussion with some older devotees who suggested to turn Him around and have a look at the Shalagram I had closer to see what He reveals.  So I tried to turn Him this way and that, and then - wow - it was Him, identical to the dream.  In ecstasy that morning I performed His seva puja and placed Him as He had appeared, with natural holes for eyes, a small mouth and slightly protruding nose, surrounded by transcendental whiskers leading to His wedge like ears.  So that's how we see Him by His mercy today.  I have given him the name Sri Caitanya Nrsimha, for He revealed himself within.

From His mercy, the others wandered in one by one.  Lord Varaha-nrsimha, He was here at New Varshana some ten years ago, being worshipped by Vrsa Prabhu, who was given Him and Lord Vamanadeva and Lord Nivita Buddha by Gaura Keshava Prabhu, and Vrsa Prabhu gave them to my care.  Lord Varaha-nrsimha is unmistakable by His appearance, complete with cakra near the end of His nose where the form of the earth sits.  Lord Vamanadeva is small and round, girdled by the mekhala belt and sacred thread marked on His body. Also on the top of His body is a small wooden-like stick marking, representing the rod of the brahmacari.  Sri Nivita Buddha in the book Pranatosani-tantra is described to be black, small and in the shape of a pear drop, with pointed top and small hole at the base.

Sri Anantasana Parasuram is next, and quite a character.  He travelled about 12 times around the world with one devotee before taking His place on the pitha/altar.  He is recognised by the mark of the hand grasping His axe on the right side and His quiver of arrows resting on His bow-shaped back.  Why Anantasana?  Because there is one Deity of Lord Parasurama in Udupi, South India that is almost identical to Him, Who appears resembling a Siva linga.  There is one story whereby Lord Parasurama, upon receiving His parasu (axe) from Lord Siva, said He would honour him by being worshipped in the form of a Siva Linga who appeared in a previous yuga to await the appearance of Udupi Krsna of Madhvacarya.  The Vaisnava philosophy on this always states that Krsna, Visnu, Narayana and Their expansions are supreme, and just like milk They can change themselves into another functionary expansion, as in this case, Lord Siva who for this analogy can be compared to yogurt.  However yogurt cannot become milk.  This is the supreme independent role of Visnu Tattva only.

Also on the pitha we have four small Sudarsana Cakras in a silver tray - the weapon of the Lord.   Also there is Krsna (Krishna-kanai).  He is described in Brahmavaivarta Purana as being round in shape with a smooth flat upper side with a rod for herding cows.  Lord Madhava is also there - oval in shape, the colour of rich honey with the marking of a club, conch and a cow's hoof print.

SriDustara-rama (unconquerable Rama) is quite unique.  He was given to me just recently.  He has a large round body with a quiver for his arrows and an indentation of an archer's bent knee and is dotted with the footprints of cows.

Sri Adhoksaja is resting in a golden ring.  Indentifying this Shalagram as Adhoksaja is the small red dot seated amidst His sharp dark chakra.  We brought this one and the next one (Lord Anantasesa) back from Nepal in 1986.  Lord Anantasesa appears just like a little snake all curled up.

This deals with the Gandaki Shilas.  We also have two Dwaraka Shilas - Lord Anantadeva, who has 64 chakras and a beautiful smooth glazed creamy white body, said by some to be the best of Dwaraka shilas (now gone to reside with Trivikram prabhu).  Unforgettable and unmistakeable, we also have Lord Matsya from Dwaraka, with large body shaped like a fish, and fish-like mouth covered in well defined chakras.  He was given to me about a year ago in Vrndavan by one devotee returning from Dwaraka where he found Him when he was swimming in the sea – he told me he went under the water and saw this fish-like face staring back at him.  According to both the Padma Purana and Prantosanitantra, certain kinds of coral found in the sea at Dwaraka are as worshipable as the Gandaka Shilas.  Not only this, but it is recommended that one worship the Dwaraka Shila along with the Gandaki Shilas.

Last but definitely not least, we have the Govardhana Shilas.  Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is quoted to have said to Raghunatha dasa Gosvami upon Lord Caitanya's presenting Raghunatha dasa with His own Govardhana Sila, "This stone is the transcendental form of Lord Krsna.  Worship this stone with great eagerness."  Caitanya Caritamrta (Antya Lila 2.6.292).  In the purport to this verse Srila Prabhupada elaborates further saying that, "Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructed that the Govardhana Shila, the stone taken from Govardhana Hill is non-different from the body of Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead."  For further details on what is Govardhana Hill and the Lord's amazing pastime there, one can read the Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 24, wherein Krsna Himself declared to everyone that He is the Govardhana mountain.  (SB 10.24.35)

krsna tv anyatamam rupam
  gopa-visrambhanam gatah
sailo 'smiti bruvan bhuri
  balim adad brhad vapuh

In the centre of the simhasana one will see one blackish sila and one whitish sila.  These are the forms of Krsna and Balarama, Krsna's elder brother.  Just next to Lord Balarama's plough one can see a miniature form of Govardhana hill, the shape of the underside is like that of a snake and on topological view like that of a peacock. The shape is identical to the hill at Govardhana and sports the deep reddish colour from where He came, by the blessings of the Brijbasis at Govinda Kunda on the side of Govardhana Hill.

Since writting this article by the Lord's causeless mercy two more Shaligrams have come to me. One is the amazing form of Lord Nrsimhadev, laughing, who was given to me by H.H. Indradyumna Swami. I have called Him Pavana-Nrisimha, He has the most amazing shaped head, with a wide open mouth but without any natural ferocous teeth, but creases around the edge of the mouth like dimples. He now wears some nice silver teeth to enhance His natural features. He also has natural high pointed eye-brows and almost pointed, but rounded head. The other one is a quite unique form of Lord Kurma, there is a funny story in this connection. In the morning of the day when He arrived I was doing the puja for all the others in the Deity room, and just glancing over all the Shilas that were there I realized that I was missing a Kurma. In 1986 when one devotee in Australia and I went to Nepal we brought back one Kurma Sila and as a good will gesture I gave Him to the Melbourne temple. From Him I was feeling some separation, and thought of my chances of getting back to Nepal ever again, and I became a little spiritually despondant. Anyway re-concentrating my attention to the puja for Their Lorships who were right before me now I forgot the subject.

So then I finished and came outside. Then one devotee from Wellington, Ramacandra prabhu came up to me and asked if I am Jaya Tirtha Charan das, I said yes, and he asked me if I could tell him if what he was given in Nepal by some Tibetans was a Shalagram or not. HH Prabhavishnu maharaj had seen Him sitting on Ramachandra’s desk in Wellington, and asked him to check Him out with me – he had been given Him on a trekking trip to Nepal before he joined and felt there was something special about “The Rock” so he always kept It in a special place.
 He went to his car and came back  with a small Harinam cadar and began to unfold it before my eyes. Its amazing practically as soon as I saw Him I could see how this was Lord Kurma, even He had Mandana mountain seated on His back. This was in an interesting turtle shape which lifted off revealing two beautifully defined Chakras. I said to Ramacandra prabhu that I would check Him out more carefully for him if he wanted with one book that I have. Then to my amazement Ramacandra prabhu asked me if I would like to worship Him, I asked if he was sure. I said thanks and put him away in the paraphernalia room for safety.

That evening after coming back from sankirtan, and getting sucih I got Him out for closer inspection. I remembered the colour of some of mine when we first got them without being cleaned. I took one special hard wild boars’ hair brush that I keep for this purpose and placed the Lord in a snan patra with a little water, then I began to scrub His back, it was amazing the satisfaction that suddenly I was feeling I have never felt before. Then under the caked on Kali Gandaki mud, the form of Lord Kurma seemed more and more prominent. One could see His face protuding from Mandana mountain, by now an hour or so of scrubing had revealed His lusterous black form.

I hope you all like the little introduction to Their Lordships.

Here at the temple Their Lordships have developed a bit of a cult following, every morning after the worship has been performed a group of nectar hunters assemble to honour the Mahaprasadam that the Shilas all partook of. It is very nice to be allowed to do this service and I pray at their Lotus Feet that I may continue for many years to come.         Thank you JTCd

Since the time of writing this article, and it's appearance in the New Varshan F.O.L.K. news for the congregational members another Shaligram Who is quite special has come into my possession.
 This Shaligram was given to my by HH Indradyumna Swami during a visit to New Zealand in 1992. He was staying in the guest quarters annex to Vaikuntha Gardens and worshipping his Shaligrams there too. On his arrival I got an invitation to bring mine up there so that we could worship together but I was reluctant to do so. So then kindly Maharaj said to me that he'd like me to come up anyway as he has Someone that he'd like to give to me. This intrigued me, and I accepted his invitation to go up to the house after I'd finished my Shaligram puja to see him do his and see what he had for me.
 After siting and watching the pujas which were very devotionally performed, we all partook of a little Maha-prasad. After this most of the other devotees left and this just a left a couple of us in the room. Maharaj called me to the end near the windows and said wait there. He then got Alalanath to usher the others into the hall where they were all leaving from anyway, before he produced a little bag from his puja box and began to tell Alalanath and me the following story.
 Just recently Maharaj was visiting through Melbourne when out of the blue Nirmala mathaji arrived. She sadly told a story of how her husband Omkara prabhu had just passed away after leaving falling into poor association and contracting AIDS. She then presented Omkara's collection of Shaligrams into Indradyumna Swami's care and asked him to find good homes for them. Maharaj had been travelling for a couple of months before he came to New Zealand and so many of them had been distributed to devotees who keenly worshipped the Lord in this form.
 "I saved this special one for you because I thought that you'd appreciate Him!!!" Maharaj told me. I began to get a little excited. He then began to tell me how when Srila Prabhupad was down in South India some Sri Vaishnavas had come to see and honour him with elaborate pujas, at theend of which one, the leader, Sampat Kumar Bhattacarya gave Srila Prabhupad two fine Shaligrams. Srila Prabhupad kept them with him for some time before entrusting them to Pradyumna prabhu, his secretary and Pandit. Prabhupad showed Pradyumna how to worhip Them and Pradyumna did so along with his wife for some time. (can be co-related in Hari Sauri prabhu's Transcendental Diary Vol 4) Due to pressures and volume of service Pradyumna gave over Their care to two devotees. One (Karuna Sindhu) was given to Jayatirtha dasa a prominent pujari, and GBC member, the other (Varaha) to Omkara prabhu in Vrindavan. Omkara however worshipped the Shaligram in the mood of Vrindavan and called Him Gopinath, and there He stayed for some fifteen years.
 Maharaj then reached into the bag and produced this most beautiful Shaligram, perfect in shape, not too big, or small, and with a beautiful lustre. He has a mark on one side at the top which resembles a boars snout, and thus His Varaha form is there.
 Maharaj said ".....but like Omkara, you can worship Him as you like, 'cos I know you already have a realy nice Varaha....!"
 After gaining back my composure from the ecstasy, and wiping tears from my eyes. I thought about it for a moment, and said I think I'll stick with the Gopinath mood, as these eyes the He has are so nice.
             So there we have Him, Sri Gopinath ki jaya.

The story of Them being given to Srila Prabhupad is in Hari Sauri prabhu’s Transcendental Diary Vol 4.

And if you can believe this last amendment. Since that time Lord Gopal Krishna has come round like a ball with a mouth that is filled with a ladhuka sweet (Ladhu Gopal). (We have Him mounted on a vesh (form) with Vanamali seated in the region of the belly and Govadhan Hill shila being lifted above His head.)

...have a closer look

It’s getting wonderfully ridiculous: And just recently in 1995 when HH Indradyumna Swami took an expedition of devotees (Alalanath, Bimalaprasad prabhus) to Muktinath they brought back a really exceptionally unique form ofVanamali Krishna for me. He was identified by the olde (late) Puri maharaj who was then 97 years old. Vanamali Krishna is so called because instead of having a round cakra he has a different kind of marking that resembles that of many garlands hanging around someone’s neck. So Puri maharaj gave him that name, and HH Indradyumna maharaj gave Him over to my care the next time he visited New Zealand in 1996. And Alalanath prabhu gave me Lord Dhanvantari, a beautiful Shaligram who he didn’t have a name for when he gave Him to me. But on that day I had a rare but very strong head-ache. It was in the summer and I was hot too. But this Shaligram was ice-cold. His shape resembled an ice-pack too, oval in shape and flat on the bottom and shaped like a hillock rising. Half way up was a deep impression almost half as deep as His entire body and at the bottom of it was is a finely defined chakra making like a deep sided kumbha with the chakra in the bottom and it actually holds water when He is bathed, so remembering the form of Lord Dhanvantari for somereason I placed Him upon my head. And to even my surprise within minites my head ache was gone. Lord Dhanvantari ki jaya.

You wouldn’t believe this, but since that time now we have been graced by the appearance of Sri Hiranyagarbha a small black egg shaped Shaligram. He is perfect in shape, beautiful to look at, and about the size of my index finger nail in size. A Shaligram of this size is regarded as being very powerful, and I’m very grateful that He came. He was given as a gift by a friend who had recently visited India.

Two Govardhan Silas were recently given by HH Indradyumna Swami, but one is already in gone to reside at Trivikram prabhu's new house. Also Sri Krishna-kanaya, who was with me from 1987 has gone to reside with Ameyatma prabhu (March 2000). By the grace of the Lord no others will get itchy feet to wander, least we will try our best to stop Them.

Since the picture below was taken, and by the mercy of the Lord, HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami came back from India with a gift in the form of Sri Sri Laxmi-Hayagriva (March 2001), and since that time Lord Matsya has come to grace us with His association (May 2001)

The latest update is that of the end of Kartik 2001 when Ameyatma prabhu returned from India with a package for me. He sent me an e-mail saying that he had a surprise and that I'd like it - then more news leaked out that he had about 30 shilas for me. Again by the grace of the Lord 10 of Them were destined for other devotees leaving us with a grand total as of December 2001 of 44 shilas.

HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami and Ameyatma prabhu said when they left here for India that I'd better start making plans for expanding the pith (Their Seat - Singasana, as I done several times before - interestingly this simhasan (alternate spelling) I put together when I was Head Pujari at Iskcon Melbourne in 1987 after returning from Nepal with a couple of shilas that out did the simhasan I had before. That old simhasan was just one piece of decorated fibre-board, with a back-piece added on, then when a few more came after being in New Zealand a while and making a nice journey back to beloved India where we were given several more upon our return we added another layer as we moved out of Auckland down to Katikati. That made the pith - simhasan two tier, but more were destined to come so in 2000 we added a third tier, and now we have added a fouth tier, but now we have run out of room to expand the pith, cannot go further forward due to practicalities of the Griha-garba - altar. The new Griha-garba was gratefully made to my design by Parvata Muni prabhu, who donated his time charging only for basic materials for which I'm very grateful to him.

Some of the new ones couldn't be identified from looking at the shastra or from our limited experience, so with some we have given names according to how They inspired us to see Their transcendental forms - what They reminded us of. Because the Narayan shila (as Salagrams are often called) are the seat for all Vishnu's  incarnations it is acceptable to call the Narayan shilas by names that one can identify Him/Them as.

(picture of new settup here)

(Picture with roll over capabilities that
as one rolls the cursor over a Form on the
simhasan you will be taken to a close-up
and explanation of Who you are taking
Cyber-darshan - coming soon !)

So here's the additional line-up; Aisvarya prabhu sent this really nice Shalagram back with Ameyatma prabhu for me. He's the size of a sparrows egg, hence we call Him Jagad-ande, the Universal Egg.

Hamsa-raj - He looks like a swan's head with the bill protruding at the front, you'll see what I mean when you get a close-up.

Jagan-nath - As soon as I saw Him I thought of Lord Jagannath. ......so we made Him a vesh to stand on so He now has hands, feet, big eyes and holds shank and chakra alankaram.
chotta Matsya - He another one that immediately struck me as looking like a fish's front part of the body, He has a marking of an eye and a gill and a mouth on His transcendental form, now He sits on a vesh that sports a tail to enhance His personal attributes.
Sri-dhari - this Shila is quite wonderful. He is encircled with a ring of small holes of various sizes all in a line around the periferal of His oval shape. He has the most pleasing feel about Him, so smooth, shiny, and black. A similar description of Sridhari is as follows 16/. (i) Round in shape and decorated with five linear marks and a good looking garland mark - Praanatoshanitantra.
Keshava - He was kindly donated to Anurag prabhu by Aindra prabhu - Ameyatma prabhu used the term "collected" as He was eventually given to Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaj and was kindly given by him to me. He seems to be very exactly matching the description of Keshava as mentioned in shastra, as one who gives great fortune. BS Swami was especially attracted to Him due to His unusual ladhuka shape, just see the wonderful charitable nature of the Vaishnavas that even he liked Him so much he still gave Him away for me.
Ananta Purushottama -  This shila has some uniqully amazing markings all over His body and at one side-end which has seven hoods of Anantasesa coming out of a small hole. He was identified as Purushottama by Sri Padma Nabha Gosai.
Damodara- This Damodar has a mat like lustre and typically shaped as mentioned is shastra to be a Damodar shila. Something mystical and strong about Him. See descriptions of Damodar shilas in this article. (19/. Damodara:  (i) Big in size with a small circular mark - Praanatoshanitantra)
Radha-Damodara - Damodar shilas have specific distinct identities as mentioned in the above shastra. But this one has a few extras. In His back there's a small depression where there appears to be an indentation Cameo like marking of a woman in a sari.......dancing! Some devotees suggested that there are two persons cameod in the small hole indent........! Often Laxmi is represented on the shilas as a crescent line or triangular marking also. So with such an apparent marking we have understood this to be Radha-Damodar.
Panaka Nrsimha - this shila is the size of a walnut and has many tiny auspicious markings around His body. On one end He has a marking that distinctly resembles a smile due to His being satisfied at drinking Panaka (Panaka or Panaga - a date palm sugar drink favourite of Lord Narasimha - see Mangalgiri AP)
Rupa-Narayana - This Shila is very attractive to look at. He's shaped roundish to oval with a flat underside and with a hole on top that is white.
Dasavatara - was given by one Nrisimha bhakta in Vrindavan called Shyam. This shila has many markings like a tapestry all over His body. One can spend a lot of time gazing at His markings which seem to change each time one does so. Shyam suggested that these are depictions of the multivarious pastimes of the Dasavatars. Some commented that those markings were the markings of the mane hair of Lord Narasimha as there's a mark at one side which one could have as a bottom lip of a pouting mouth if He were turned in that way - however that description didn't do it for me.
Garuda-vahan or Garudadhwaj - He's a quite large flatish Sila that resembles a well used piece of soap, but too big to hold in the palm of one habd and close... He has a good feel about Him, very cold to the touch and a nice hue/lustre. There are several markings that look like claws, talons, a small bird, etc., thus when He was given to me He came with the strong recomemndation that He is a Garuda carrier of Vishnu.  I was told that such a form has the potency to save one from the ocean, as well as the fact that He carries what one lack and preserves what we have......... So we're happy to keep Him as Garunda-vahan or Garudadhwaj. Although how we have Him those rounded frontal features, that some suggested were His wings spread wide, to us look like chubby cheeks on His face.
Sri Vaastraapahari-Krishna-murthy - described in Salagram kosha Volume 2 page 69 (xvi); round bottom, minute chakras as if hidden, marks of cloths beside them.
Alpa-dvara Hari-murthy - alpa-dvara means small opening, and it can be seen on the side there's a small chakra-like mudra on one of His sides. In general He looks like a lozenger, and is every bit as sweet and pleasing to look at - "eye candy".
Sundara Gopal - He was given by Aisvarya prabhu. Everyone who sees Him immediately say how beautiful He is. Many devotees have been fascinated by His "mango shape" one old baba said he's a very very special Shila. We also agree and feel honoured in having Him on the pith.
(Krishna) Bhaksitavan - was given by Aisvarya prabhu to Ameyatma prabhu. Aisvarya showed Him to Jananirvas prabhu in Mayapur who said He reminded him of Mandara mountain. Another devotee Anurag prabhu looked at Him and said He looked like Lord Narayana with His nabha - navel coming out. He also has a hand mark on His body that is in asirvadam benedictory mode to those of us who come to see Him. When I looked at Him and seeing the perfectly even open hole in the front I looked inside. The first thing that came to mind was how Mother Yashoda looked into Krishna's mouth and saw the Universe there, for as you look into this hole you can see a circular sphere that is etched with markings like that of the globe atlas's we use in schools etc. Also there's a small particle of gold marking just inside the lip of the hole. Very wonderful shila, mystically attractive.
Sri Vitthal Giri - He's a Govardhan shila Who was given to me by Indradyumna Maharaj. I used to have Him on the altar looking like Raghunath Dasa Goswami's circled in gunja mala, like that. Recently I was making some veshes and as Govardhan puja was approaching thought it would be nice to include Him in the festivities, so we made a vesh for Him. It seemed to turn out with His hands on His hips like the Vitthal Deities I'd seen. Putting eyes on Him and a mouth He took on a new attractive dimension of His transcendental personality - Vitthal Giri.

and the latest additions......
Sri Vishvakshena - All I can say is WOW. HH Bhaktisiddhanta Swami went to the Kali-gandaki and found Him. Frankly I've never seen anyone like Him before, He's so blatently an elephant. The edge of the chakra goes right down the middle of His form making the trunk, which goes right under His body so much like an elephant's. Either side of the trunk are flat areas that clearly resemble ears, and His head also is shaped just like an elephant. Amazingly attractive, and His colouration isn't black, its that charcoal blackish grey that elephants are. As the mantra states:

om yasya dvirata vaktradya parisadya parasata
vighnam nighnanti satatam visvaksenam samasraye

"Before beginning any work, I take refuge of the plenary portion of the Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishvaksena, the elephant faced one, the leader of the assembly (of the devas - parishad). It is He who constantly destroys all obstacles."

Sri Maha-sudarshan (Maha-chakrine) - He's another that is blowing devotees minds. He's just sooooooooooooooooooo amazing. He's about 4 inches across and round, looking at Him He has a perfectly formed chakra all around the circumference of His body. In the middle is a 1 1/2 inch circle that sits perfectly in the middle of the chakra looking like a Sunflower or Sunglobe with radiating spokes of the chakra going out. Now, when I tell you that the middle comes out to reveal the full swirls of the extent of the chakra on both sides - His beauty captivates the mind. Since this time we received the books Salagram kosha and found an amazing description and picture practically identicle to this Sila, there H'es clearly identified as Sarva-kaama-kurma, all wish fulfilling kurma.

Sri NrsimhaAnantadev - this is a large Shalagram in the shape of Ananta Sesa all curled up on one side and on the other is a mane of a lion surrounding what is a face like area - He's about three inches across at the narrowest point and about four at the largest, perfect chakras on both sides.

Sri Vasuki - as my daughter calls Him 'Suki, coz' He's cute. He too is like an Anantasesa coiled up, but with a difference in that at one end you can see His hoods indented under the main Hood of the external chakra, and at the other end as His tail is coiled round onto the inside it tucks away carved with very fine chakra edge lines - completely beautiful.

Sri Kalki (Chatur-vimsati Kalki)- is rather large and is shaped like a horse's head surrounded by a chakra like effulgence, the end rod of the chakra comes up like a rider seated behind His mane. His physical weight is much heavier than any of the other Shilas, and He is at one end round and bulbus. Sadly part of the horse's head, the face has been broken at some stage, but to our benefit, by its being broken one part comes off to reveal the full chakra inside on both sides, again it fits nicely and tightly so on the Pith He looks entirely entact, again very unique and quite beautiful. Hopefully now we've seen Him we won't have to hang around to be here when His avatar arrives at the end of the Kali yuga.

Sri Punjab Vishnu - Sri Padma Nabha Goswami of Radha Raman mandir was shown Him by Bhaktisiddhanta Swami, and Padma Nabha Gosai identified Him as being Punjab Vishnu. Apparently the term Punjab has meanings that refer to the place of confluence, and also the "bread-basket" or region that supports the rest - so here we see this Shila having fourteen distinct lines representing the fourteen planetary systems of the three worlds. Recently we counted the lined markings on His body and it all came together, seeing Him as the maintainer Lord Vishnu.

By the Grace of Lord Sri Krishna the latest additions sent by Matsya Avatara prabhu are as follows:

So far we have one huge Kodanda-rama-murthi - the size of my fist, very unusual markings of black and grey smooth round front, and on the back there's an obvious bow, a quiver, and arrows all lined up along the bow, He's pretty amazing. Matsya Avatara prabhu who gave him found Him in the Kali Gandaki near Tatopani caked in mud, but upon removing the mud His features were revealed. He incidently arrived the day before Ramanavami.
Padma-nabha - nicely shaped lotus like print in the middle that meets with the chakra around Him forming a petal effect.
Chandra Narayana - He's very similar to a Surya Narayan type of Shila, He's black with a round circle in the centre and marks of rays all around the edge.
Harihara - This small egg shaped Sila looks like a Bana-linga but is definitely a Salagram. His markings are unique in that He has a circular mark at both the top and bottom which make it look like the mid-section is wrapped around Him.
Vasudev  - This Shila is so cute, He looks like an Amalaki fruit in His small round shape, but on one side is protruding a small tail like edge of a chakra that is obviously part of the complete chakra that is within His form.

Star-date 2nd May 2002.

Since this time Brighupathi-rupa Parasuram arrived by the kindness of Bhaktisiddhanta Swami. He's a small Sila about the size of the tip of one's little finger, He has an angular marking resembling a handmark on His side.

(there's one rough picture that a friend took and sent me.....anyway - it's HERE..... or you can wait)

I'll post pictures of all the newies when I get some done, so hang in there, They're worth it.

Sri Swayam Vyakta Shalagram Shilas ki jaya

Any more coming?

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